Remove any and all walls that repress your creative spontaneity. Be less rigid when you work. paint loosely, experiment often, and be a bit dangerous with your materials. create in a way so that at any point a piece can go from brilliant to bad with one misguided stroke. then you will love your art.

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art saves lives international

March 2, 2017

cropped-phototastic-2015-01-13-21-10-041.jpgIt feels really good to announce that I will be featured in this month’s issue of the Art Saves Lives International (ASLI) magazine! To see all of the amazing work they do at ASLI as artists and activists click here. I am psyched to be affiliated with this organization and their global charitable efforts, and honored to be in their newest issue as an artist with a message. I will add a link to the magazine once this month’s issue goes live. Stay tuned!

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January 9, 2017

IT IS DONE! So happy with the final product. Go by 25 Union Square, Somerville to see it in person.


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Phone Art Box project: Somerville, MA

December 5, 2016

Making some solid progress on my payphone piece in Union Square. It took a lot of prep work to get it ready to be painted black, but it was all definitely worth it!

I’ll post some final pics once the art is installed and the piece is finished. Stay tuned!


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in the community

September 25, 2016

Check out the piece below that I donated to a 5th grade classroom at the Albert F. Argenziano School in my hometown of Somerville, MA. Great message!



Sneak Peek

September 20, 2016

Check out Blue Sky, the first piece in my new series Dreams in Wax. This work was made with acrylic paint, latex paint, latex caulking, wax and crayons, which I may or may not have “borrowed” from my daughter without asking.

Blue Sky has already sold, but the next three in the series are near completed so stay tuned. I will be posting finished photos in the coming days.

Blue Sky


Latest news and events

September 16, 2016

I am happy to announce that I will be working with the Somerville Arts Council (SAC) and the Nave Gallery of Somerville, MA on their awesome Phone Art Box Project. Old broken payphones from around the city are being reimagined as works of art and I have been approved to work on the one in front of Machu Chicken in Union Square, my old stomping grounds! It is a great opportunity to help beautify my old neighborhood, and I applaud the SAC for tackling the issue of what to do with these old payphones in such a creative, forward thinking way.

Stay tuned, I will post regular updates once the project gets off the ground!



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