Meet the Artist

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An artist carries on throughout his life a mysterious, uninterrupted conversation with his public
-Maurice Chevalier

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Artist Statement

Remove any and all walls that repress your creative spontaneity. Be less rigid when you work. paint loosely, experiment often, and be a bit dangerous with your materials. Create in a way so that at any point a piece can go from brilliant to bad with one misguided stroke. Then you will love your art.

Artist Bio

Richard Ferrari is a self-taught artist born and raised in Somerville, MA. He believes that creativity is something that must continually be unlocked within the artist psyche. In order to reach an artistic paradise, one should work uninhibited and without fear of mistake, otherwise there is no chance of spontaneity and thus no true expression within the studio. When an artist starts to find a groove and feel at home within his work, he must immediately change his process otherwise he will be trapped in a cycle of comfort and his work will suffer as a result. It is crucial to keep the magic of the unknown alive in your art, and the only way to accomplish this is to abandon all constraints and to work freely, without reservation.

Richard often changes his style and techniques from series to series, and tries to avoid being locked into any one specific category of art. Recently, his works have ranged from interactive pieces that recycle trashed items into art, to abstract encaustic works. He feels a strong sense of loyalty to the area in which he grew up, and has volunteered his time and services to provide public art within this community. Richard’s ultimate goal is to produce a complete body of works that clearly represent the diversity within his artistic style, while continuing to provide fuel for the imagination of his public.


  • Boston College, Class of 2005
    Bachelors Degree from the College of Arts and Sciences


  • Out of the Blue Too Gallery, Cambridge MA  “Momentary Abstraction” Ongoing
  • 440 Gallery, Brooklyn NY  “Personal is Political is Personal”  Summer 2016
  • Warehouse XI & The Uniun, Somerville MA  “Hidden Messages” Summer 2016
  • Atlantic Works Gallery, Boston MA  “The Biennial Project 4”  Spring 2016

Public art

Professional Memberships

  • Fort Point Arts Community (Boston, MA; Ongoing)
  • Artist Collaborative of Wakefield (Wakefield, MA; Ongoing)